Friday, December 19, 2008

A MAD Punzi Scheme

You would think that a man like MADoff would be happy with what he has. But no, he just couldn't accumulating money. What he planned to do with it no one knows, but clearly he's doing it for the thrill.

Surely he has betrayed a lot of people; his credibility might as well be null. It's just disgusting to see people with so much resources act like this. Doesn't he know that a lot of other folks do not have the opportunity to even get close to the amounts of money he handles everyday?

As I watched him on CNN, he didn't seem a bit contrite. Personally, I think he's out of touch with reality. ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pre Scribble Scribble

I am officially in the Recession. Not only am I feeling less liberal with my resources (which are insignificant in the first place) but also I feel the need to scribble my thoughts on a free hosted site. And I say this with utmost respect to Google, the proprietors of Blogger, who are weathering the economic crisis a little better than the others.

Ok, back to the main story of this post. I would like to call it my Pre-Scribble Scribble because that's just what it is, a preview of what is more to come. The calm before the storm, you might say. 

This is an Opinion site, hence, my own thoughts and no one else's will be published here. The posts here are meant to inform and most of the times entertain and humour you. No offense is meant by anything written on this blog (unless it is Explicitly stated).

With this I will end my first Scribble, as my posts will be called hereafter. Enjoy!

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